Thursday, 4 September 2014


In anticipation of Jukebox Mambo 2, here is a date for your diary:

And the album in question:

Available in each of the following formats:
  • 2LP + download card
  • CD
  • Digital Download
  • 6x10" VINYL BOOK

1 Lincoln Chase I Love Your many Ways
2 Christine Chatman w/ Peppy Prince Orchestra Run Gal Run
3 Chris Powell & His Five Blue Flames I Come From Jamaica
4 Zilla Mays Calypso Blues
5 Johnny Oliver All I Have Is You
6 Chuck Edwards Morning Train
7 Oscar Saldana Mambo Hop
8 Jimmy Nolen Jimmy’s Jive
9 Four Blazes All Night Long
10 Chanters She wants To Mambo
11 Jeanne DeMetz w/ Johnny Alston Orchestra Calypso Daddy
12 Camille Howard Within This Heart Of Mine
13 Ashton Savoy Denga Denga
14 Freddie Mitchell & His Orchestra Later Gator
15 Note & Toe & The Grenadiers I Got A Cold - Calypso
16 John McKinney & The Premiers Gee I Love You
17 T-Bone Walker Plain Old Down Home Blues
18 Ron Rico w/ Sax Kari Orchestra Chano
19 Don Tosti y su Conjunto Mambo Del Pachuco
20 Billy Emerson Satisfied
21 Frank Motley Wanda Landa Landa
22 Red Saunders Summertime
BOOK ONLY Chestnuts Don’t Go
BOOK ONLY Danny Overbea Hey Pancho
BOOK ONLY Alfredito & His Orchestra Mambo From Mars
BOOK ONLY Tiny Grimes & His Orchestra Showboat Mambo

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