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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Diggin' Deeper on the Jazzman Records USA Road Trip

Last week Liam and I went on a last-minute trip  to Florida to buy a record collection. For various reasons the deal fell through so we had a week to kill before our return flights. So we got in the car and headed west to Alabama and Louisiana where we had a few leads to find some records. 

As you can see, we stumbled across some battered 45s, victims of Hurricane Katrina; some interesting sights by the side of the road and a new used record shop in Mobile, Alabama that opened just last year. We ended up with about 80-100 records each including a clean copy of Eunice Davis on DeLuxe, rescued from the Katrina stash, quantity of Mac Rebbenack on Ace and the scarce Earl Coleman LP on Worthy.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Spiritual Jazz - A Mix

I was invited to make a mix for the excellent 'Sound Awareness' blog and they wanted one full of weird stuff.  So I sent them one, but it wasn't weird enough, so they asked for a spiritual jazz one. I think they liked this one because they posted it, you can listen here. It has got some good stuff on it, all sorts from all over, but I'm sorry I didn't think to write the tracks down as it was assembled. So you'll have to figure them out for yourself, but I'll be happy to help if you get stuck, just mail me here.