Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Diggin' Deeper on the Jazzman Records USA Road Trip

Last week Liam and I went on a last-minute trip  to Florida to buy a record collection. For various reasons the deal fell through so we had a week to kill before our return flights. So we got in the car and headed west to Alabama and Louisiana where we had a few leads to find some records. 

As you can see, we stumbled across some battered 45s, victims of Hurricane Katrina; some interesting sights by the side of the road and a new used record shop in Mobile, Alabama that opened just last year. We ended up with about 80-100 records each including a clean copy of Eunice Davis on DeLuxe, rescued from the Katrina stash, quantity of Mac Rebbenack on Ace and the scarce Earl Coleman LP on Worthy.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like the first time either of you vampires have seen broad daylight in quite a while. It sucks that you headed deeper South than North from FL but I look forward to boozin' & TTshakin' it up with ya'll in Allentown next month.