Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Gigi Campi

As far as I'm concerned the best jazz group that ever graced this planet was the Clarke-Boland Sextet. Comprised of both European and American musicians, their heyday was in the '60s and their recorded output amounted to no more than a few LPs and 45s. Unlike many of their contemporaries, whose music could often sound dull and like hard work, their small group jazz was always done in impeccable taste, with rhythm and swing, and a sense of togetherness and fun.

The man behind this band was Gigi Campi. He was the guy who put the band together and arranged their live and studio dates. He was the organiser, the motivator, the driving force. In the face of all kinds of logistical and financial hurdles, his passion for music was the sole reason behind his superhuman efforts to get the music out there.

Gigi Campi passed away on 6 January 2010, so on this anniversary I've made a mix of some of his productions. Not all the songs are from the Clarke-Boland Sextet, some are from related records too, namely some of those by individuals like Sahib Shihab, Fats Sadi and Johnny Griffin; and of course the Clarke-Boland Big Band. Anyway, the mix is on the link below, as well as an excellent article from Lander Lenaerts.


  1. Great mix - many thanks for this.

  2. His restaurant Campi exists to this day in the centre of Cologne underneath the WDR studios. Great Italian food, and, I think, still overseen by his widow. You can see all sorts of memorabilia on the walls.