Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Best of Jef Gilson

A lifetime in jazz from the illustrious French musician, producer, composer, arranger, band leader, sound engineer, music teacher, label-owner, and multi-instrumentalist par excellence!

Our long-awaited 'Best of Jef Gilson' CD/double LP is finally ready! It looks and sounds GORGEOUS! Very pleased with this one. Despite our high standards this is still one of the best things we have done, I'm really happy how the album as a whole has come out. Available on our website very soon!

You get 80 mins of the finest music created over a lifetime, with 5000 words of biographical liner notes in place. They have all been translated into French too for the benefit of our Gallic friends. We've also amassed an amazing selection of hitherto unseen pics, photos and posters. You can see them on this video that Fryer has put together for us. This is the music of JEF GILSON!

Tracklist for LP and CD:

A1 Up to the Light 1:35
A2 Accueil 1:14
A3 Valse Pour Helene 2:30
A4 Blue-Bizz 6:59
A5 Valse a Quatre Temps 3:05
A6 Agnus Dei 2:55
B7 Modalité Pour Mimi 3:49
B8 Three Four One 3:53
B9 Chakan 2:26
B10 Jazz a la Quarte 3:28
B11 Un Pas, Deux Pas, Cent Pas 2:30
B12 Valerie’s Waltz 3:45
C13 Suite Pour San Remo: Ouverture 4:25
C14 Strings for One 5:40
C15 Suite Pour San Remo: Adriano 4:11
C16 Espagnolade 6:33
D17 Chant Inca 4:11
D18 Hommage a Rakotozafy 4:49
D19 The Creator has a Masterplan 11:28



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  1. Got my vinyl today. Such a well put together package.Great stuff, thankyou!